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With Pejompongan, the urban planning of the area was designed during the post-independence period by an Indonesian urban planner Moh. Soesilo in 1948. Kebayoran Baru is considered the first urban planning designed by an Indonesian. Soesilo is a student of Thomas Karsten, a Dutch engineer who gave major contributions to architecture and town planning in Indonesia during the colonial era. Kebayoran Baru is designed following the principle of a garden city which is popular during this era. The necessity to create a new urban planning is forced at the same time as the new government of Indonesia is in need of new public facilities after its independence.

The first area to be designed is now located around Kebayoran station, on the east side of Grogol River. The construction was done by a Dutch construction company Centrale Stichting Wederopbouw (CSW), whose office was established near the current Judicial Palace building (Kejaksaan Agung) on June 1, 1948.[4] The construction of Kebayoran Baru was started on March 8, 1949, and was completed in 1955.[5] The office building of CSW was located near the Judicial Palace building (Kejaksaan Agung).

Kebayoran Baru was divided into several blocks (blok A to S) based on its land use and the size of the building:

The current Kebayoran Baru Subdistrict also includes some villages which is not part of the original plan. This additions are now located in Radio area, Gandaria Utara, and Cipete Utara.

Being a design older than 50 years, Kebayoran Baru is considered a cultural heritage (Cagar Budaya) according to Law no. D.IV-6099/d/33/1975 [2]. New modern international style developments in the area has been a threat to the historic tropical residential character of Kebayoran Baru.[6]

Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Raya - Indonesia

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