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Coordinates: 44°30′05″N 0°09′58″E / 44.5014°N 0.1661°E / 44.5014; 0.1661

Marmande (in Occitan, Marmanda) is a commune in the Lot-et-Garonne département in south-western France.


Marmande was a bastide founded about 1195 on the site of a more ancient town by Richard Cœur de Lion, who granted it a liberal measure of self-government. Its position on the banks of the Garonne made it an important place of toll. It soon passed into the hands of the counts of Toulouse, and was three times besieged and taken during the Albigensian Crusade, its capture by Amaury de Montfort in 1219 being followed by a massacre of the inhabitants. It was united to the French crown under Louis IX. A short occupation by the English in 1447, an unsuccessful siege by Henry IV in 1577 and its resistance of a month to a division of Wellington's army in 1814, are some important events in its subsequent history.

Marmande - Aquitaine - France

Longitude: 0.1667 (0° 10' 0.1" E)Latitude: 44.5 (44° 30' 0" N)Geohash: spbj5ucrk3hx
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