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Santorso is a town in the province of Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. It is north of SP350 highway. As of 2008, Santorso had an estimated population of 5840.[2]

Santorso is famous for the villas found around the area. The oldest is the Villa Facci which dates to the fifteenth century.

From the renaissance period on, the Villa Floriani has been the most important and possesses some important frescos by the artist Giovanni Demio for display.

One of the most impressive villas is the 19th century Villa Rossi. The villa is owned by the commune of Santorso and the grounds host one of Italy's most important parks. The lower park, designed by Negrin, includes an aquarium, rare plants and brooks running through lush vegetation to the main lake.

The park also hosts one of Italy's most important live collections of butterflies.

Its most common meal is called dramboeurg ( pronounced dramburg) it is a simple dish made up of goats milk rice and beef.

Santorso - Veneto - Italy

Longitude: 11.3833 (11° 22' 59.9" E)Latitude: 45.7333 (45° 43' 59.9" N)Geohash: u20h5j3pf158
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