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Umina Beach is a suburb within the City of Gosford local government area on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

By road, it is 90 kilometres (56 mi) north of Sydney and 111 kilometres (69 mi) south of Newcastle.

Umina Beach is locally known on the Central Coast as being on 'The Peninsula' (or ‘Woy Woy Peninsula'). A natural peninsula that includes the towns of Umina Beach, Pearl Beach, Patonga, Little Wobby, Woy Woy, Blackwall, Booker Bay and Ettalong Beach.

The Suburb of Umina officially begins where Woy Woy and Ettalong end - at McMasters Road.


The word "Umina" was derived from the Australian Aboriginal word meaning Place of sleep[3].

The Woy Woy and Umina district was home to the Guringai Australian Aboriginal tribe. This tribe stretched from the north side of Port Jackson, north through Pittwater, Broken Bay and Brisbane Water, to the southern end of Lake Macquarie.[4]

European entry to the region was first recorded in March 1788 when Governor Arthur Phillip landed with a party at Ettalong Beach. In June 1789, a more thorough investigation of Brisbane Water was conducted. A rest stop was made at Ettalong Beach before the group passed through 'The Rip' (a dangerous passage leading into Brisbane Water). On return, the party camped at Ettalong Beach before sailing to Dangar Island in the Hawkesbury River.[4]

Umina - New South Wales - Australia

Longitude: 151.308 (151° 18' 28.8" E)Latitude: -33.5333 (33° 31' 59.9" S)Geohash: r6595p7n7gy1
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