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Bambrugge is a sub-municipality of Erpe-Mere in Flanders. It is located on the Molenbeek in the Denderstreek, southeast of East Flanders and belongs to the Arrondissement of Aalst. It is bordered by the sub-municipalities of Vlekkem, Ottergem, Mere, Aaigem and Burst and the municipality of Sint-Lievens-Houtem (sub-municipality Zonnegem). Bambrugge has 1575 inhabitants as of 1 January 2003 and has an area of 2.89 km. The population density is 545 inhabitants / km ². Bambrugge has also a hamlet: Egem.


Bambrugge was part of the village Burst until 1803. A census in 1893 proved that the village had 872 inhabitants. Bambrugge was mentioned several times in the Middle Ages. The name probably derives from the so-called banmolens (banmolen meaning compulsion mill). In these mills serfs were obliged to grind their corn. Another possibility is that the name is derived from the word "baan" (baan meaning way or road) or is a corruption of Banbrugge (Bridge of Banno, with brug meaning bridge).

Bambrugge - Oost-Vlaanderen - Belgium

Longitude: 3.9333 (3° 55' 59.9" E)Latitude: 50.9167 (50° 55' 0.1" N)Geohash: u14c9t05k8c4
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