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Puerto Píritu is a Venezuelan city located in the north-central coast of Anzoátegui State, with a population more than 11,000. It is the capital of the Fernando de Peñalver Municipality, and located 46 km from the centre of Barcelona, the capital of the State.

The current Puerto Píritu, founded in 1513 as "El Manjar", still retains an enormous amount of colonial buildings in the historic centre of the city. Tourism and fishing and trade are the main sources of income of Puerto Píritu.

Port Píritu is a tourist area as well as the other cities of Anzoátegui State, with its beaches and lagoons. This region is characterized by a sparse vegetation in contrast to large areas of beaches that are mostly frequented by domestic visitors.

The eastern seaboard of Anzoátegui has a tourist infrastructure of recent data, the resort of Puerto Píritu has a length of 600 meters of beaches in turbid waters that turn brown when the sea is rough. Services include restaurants type "caneys", rent sunshades and umbrellas. Port Píritu has other attractions as Píritu La Laguna is also worthy of being accessed, has beautiful scenery of flora, fauna and typical beaches in the area. In the Centre of the city, nightlife has great activity, places that are highly visited to enjoy friends and shops, banks, pharmacies, shopping centres are available in the day.

On the outskirts of Puerto Píritu, on the road to Chacopata, tourists can enjoy a long stretch of beaches of high quality, has a large influx of visitors, tourists may find points of sale of services, product sales artisans, food native, gas stations, restaurants, among others.


All starts from the arrival in 1652 Franciscan Missionaries into the area, it was the point of entry and departure of colonization evangelising and inhabitant of the current Anzoátegui State during the XVII and XVIII centuries .Puerto Píritu began its history with its own identity in the mid-nineteenth century. Thanks to many margariteñas families, that people became the major commercial port output products of the guariqueños Plains and in the basin of river Unare point such that for 1928 was already district as it is today the municipality Peñalver. today Puerto Píritu is a progressive by being a potential residential and tourist area city.

Puerto Píritu - Anzoategui - Venezuela

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