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Biancavilla is a town and comune in the Province of Catania, Sicily, southern Italy. It is located between the towns of Adrano and S. Maria di Licodia, 32 kilometers northwest of Catania.

The town was founded on 8 January 1488 by Albanian refugees. Led by Cesare Masi, they arrived in an area called Callicari and received the "Licentia Populandi" privilege from Santapau and Centelles, the presidents of the region of Sicily. Therefore, Albanian people established in that area and founded the town. The area was subsequently called Albavilla until in the year 1599 the name became Biancavilla.

Biancavilla - Sicilia - Italy

Longitude: 14.8667 (14° 52' 0.1" E)Latitude: 37.6333 (37° 37' 59.9" N)Geohash: sqdw46ctg5wf
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